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Originally posted by Ming@Feb 10 2004, 10:38 AM
Imagine if they said they were going to shut down FWD Impy production to allow these - or even displace the Mighty Supercharged Impy SS, which basically allows them to use the same stuff the UAW made for the supercharged Buick Regal for the last 4 years.... :p
It would be the CAW then, Impala, Monte Carlo, Grand Prix, Buick Regal/Century all built by CAW union. If your going to blame anyone blame those drivers way back when who couldn't operate their RWD vehicles in the winter with their seasonal tires. :p . If there wasn't any problems with people operating those cars in the winter do you think FWD would have had a chance? Try replacing those all-season tires with a good set of winter tires on a RWD vehicle and see the difference. I did that for my truck and man it could grip through the snow no problem. Of course there was the ever-becoming-more-stringent emmisions/MPG which i'm sure these other continents didn't have to deal with. Well they do but my guess is that they wern't as strict. You see any MPG details on any of their sites? :mf_boff:
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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