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I'll keep it brief, as the car is already a dead letter.

Sadly, it was a surprisingly nice car. Handling performance and feel was exemplary. Really solid, balanced, responsive. (And consider your source here: I drive a 911.) Nicely trimmed, too. It's hard to convey just how much better a car this was than the Grand Am I rented a while back. I can only marvel at how the same car from GM's "performance division" could have been such a sad, groaning, soggy, flabby, chinzy mess in comparison.

When I walked away from the rental counter after turning in my pretty red Alero, I felt very sad that Oldsmobile should be going away, and that I'd probably never drive another. Hoping for a silver lining somewhere in this dark cloud, I began to wonder - has Olds remembered Pontiac in its will?
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