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03 GTP not making boost

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Hey lads my buddy has an 03 GTP, he has only had it for a couple of weeks everything has been working great with the car, this past friday we went to Ottawa and notice he make at the most was 2 pounds of boost when passing cars, I dont no the proper name but could there be a vavle on the supercharger that is stuck open and all the boost is going out the by-pass vavle???? just a hunch yea the engine light is on but does not flash the prev- owner said he did have it tested and it was the fuel cap ???
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There is one valve that can be adjusted, although I don't know its exact name. It's on top of the S/C (the unit itself, not the snout) and basically it controls how much throttle pressure it takes to generate boost.
Yes, very likely it's the boost bypass valve (BBV) which is bolted to the front right side of the supercharger viewed from the front of the car. A common problem is the selenoid bolted to the valve itself which can be replaced separately.
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