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  1. Automotive Industry & GM News
    General Motors has been allowed to delay a large recall of Takata airbag inflators in order to prove the devices are safe. U.S regulators agreed to the move on Monday, oddly, allowing for long-term testing of the inflators in older trucks and SUVs. According to The Detroit News, GM and its...
  2. Automotive Industry & GM News
    Automakers are busy recalling tens of millions of vehicles to fix potentially deadly Takata airbags, but the fix won't solve the problem, a former Takata employee says. The scandal-plagued airbag manufacturer is using the same ammonium nitrate propellant in its replacement inflators, said Mark...
  3. Automotive Industry & GM News
    GM is issuing a recall for some 2007-2011 full-size trucks and SUVs outfitted with passenger-side front airbags inflators sourced from Takata. Takata was forced to file a defect information report as per the NHTSA's Amended Consent Order for previously unrecalled front airbag inflators which...
1-3 of 3 Results