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  1. Automotive Industry & GM News
    A few weeks ago, pictures of a suspicious Cadillac key were found by Jalopnik. Now, photos of a similar key, bearing the Corvette logo, have been found by Road & Track in an FCC application. The key fob, as was previously reported, bears pictorial representations of a low slung car with both a...
  2. Global Cadillac News
    More sound and fury or something far more serious? No one quite knows. Last week in quick succession we received several juicy clues: First Bowling Green was given a $290 million cash injection for "technology upgrades and manufacturing process improvements." That's in addition to the $439...
  3. Global Cadillac News
    Corvette or Cadillac, the commentariat is divided and now I'm here to throw down a new theory. The sleuths were quick to call this the mid-engine Corvette, and it certainly could be--equally sound and fury has begun to build around the thought this thing should be a Cadillac. In the expanded...
1-3 of 3 Results