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  1. Automotive Industry & GM News
    The upcoming Z06 Corvette will benefit from a host of improvements that should combine to give it more of a European supercar feel than the American sportscar feel it currently. Big, sticky Michelins, active aerodynamics, and a special exhaust setup designed to change the pitch of the engine...
  2. Automotive Industry & GM News
    Michelin and GM announced today at the Movin'On Summit for sustainable tech, that they plan to test a Bolt at the Milford proving grounds with a so-called Unique Puncture-proof Tire System (Uptis). "General Motors is excited about the possibilities that Uptis presents, and we are thrilled to...
  3. Automotive Industry & GM News
    In the first ever Automotive Influencer Report on Tires, Michelin is the clear leader when measuring the share of conversation each brand has. Key Findings Michelin dominates the discussion and is broadening the gap Seasonality plays an important factor Tire brands have a dramatically...
1-3 of 3 Results