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  1. Global Chevrolet News
    According to the very people trying to sell them, electric vehicles are slated to become the hottest commodity on the automotive market since the Ford Pinto, Pontiac Fiero, or Ferrari 458 Italia. But, following a swath of highly publicized fires, there's been this creeping narrative that there...
  2. Automotive Industry & GM News
    Never let a crisis go to waste, goes the saying. In this case, it's an actress and her husband facing a car shortage and a rival automaker sensing an opportunity for a juicy dig. Mary McCormack, who appeared on the endlessly referenced political drama The West Wing, tweeted a video of a Model S...
  3. Automotive Industry & GM News
    Roughly 112,000 2016-2018 model year Chevrolet Cruze LS cars have been recalled due to a fire risk. Gasoline Cruze LS models equipped with a tire inflator kit instead of a spare tire could pose a fire risk in the event of a rear-impact or rollover crash. General Motors says the...
1-3 of 3 Results