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  1. Global Buick News
    Missing bolts are the cause of a GM recall of 194,105 vehicles in the US. The vehicles being recalled were built between 2018 and 2020. The missing fastener could lead to a transmission oil leak and, ultimately, to a loss of power. Documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety...
  2. Global Buick News
    I don't normally say things like this, but I didn't originally expect to like the Buick Encore GX. At all. A confusing name, designed for a different market, and with a pair of tiny three-cylinder engines? On paper, it felt more like a return to the days of the J-Body Skyhawk. Instead, in a feat...
  3. Global Buick News
    Buick is sending out $300 reimbursement checks to Encore GX buyers as a result of a mistake that led to customers being charged twice for one feature. According to documents seen by GM Authority, some 2020 Buick Encore GX buyers were charged twice for the remote vehicle start option. These...
  4. Global Buick News
    The Buick Encore GX, a larger, unrelated Encore with fewer cylinders than you're used to, quietly appeared in the brand's stable just as "pandemic" became every newscast's favorite word. Like its Chevrolet Trailblazer fraternal twin, the Encore GX boasts a more spacious body than its subcompact...
  5. Automotive Industry & GM News
    Yes, that's the name of an old Ford engine with double the cylinder count as the subject of this piece, but it's still a great name. As for the star of this show, Buick's upcoming Encore GX is a tweener vehicle imported from the other side of the Pacific to fill a gap between the existing Encore...
  6. Automotive Industry & GM News
    A new Buick arrives from across the Pacific early next year, and it may be priced in a manner that relegates the hot-selling Encore to the runner-up spot. The Encore GX, which aims to split the size difference between Encore and Envision, may be larger than its subcompact sibling, but it sheds...
  7. Automotive Industry & GM News
    Contrary to previous reports, the Buick Encore will not be replaced by a slightly larger, China-sourced crossover. Instead, Buick plans to supplement the subcompact Encore's healthy sales by slotting a new model alongside it: the Encore GX. Appearing early next year for the 2020 model year, the...
  8. Automotive Industry & GM News
    Buick's smallest model might not be what most TTAC readers want to see in their driveway, but it's nonetheless popular with the American buying public. The subcompact Encore is by far the brand's best-selling vehicle, making up nearly half of Buick's sales volume. We'll probably see a...
  9. Automotive Industry & GM News
    Last week, during the Shanghai auto show, Buick unveiled a newer and longer Encore. The Encore GX gets a longer wheelbase because everything sold in China gets a longer wheelbase version. Now, a new report says that the US could get that same extension. While making your subcompact crossover no...
  10. Automotive Industry & GM News
    With the Shanghai motor show getting into gear, brands have been unveiling their latest EVs and crossovers and Buick is no exception. Taking the veil off of the Encore, Encore GX, the Velite 6, and the GL8 Avenir, the brand looking to recapture the eastern market. The Encore and the longer...
  11. Automotive Industry & GM News
    Generally when we write about sticker prices for the upcoming model year, it's to document a price hike - sometimes minor, sometimes major. Rarely does a manufacturer cut prices, especially in a hot segment. However, it appears that's exactly what The General is doing across three of its...
  12. Automotive Industry & GM News
    The all-new Buick Encore is scheduled to make its debut sometime next year, before heading to the market as a 2020 model. Spy photographers have caught the new crossover testing for the first time in Detroit, and unfortunately the heavy camouflage is preventing us from seeing which direction...
  13. Holden Trax LTZ

    Holden Trax LTZ 1.8 6A
  14. Holden Trax LTZ

    Holden Trax LTZ 1.8 6A
  15. Holden Trax LTZ

    Holden Trax LTZ 1.8 6A
  16. Holden Trax LTZ

    Holden Trax LTZ 1.8 6A
  17. Holden Trax LTZ

    Holden Trax LTZ 1.8 6A
  18. Holden Trax LTZ

    Holden Trax LTZ 1.8 6A
  19. Holden Trax LTZ

    Holden Trax LTZ 1.8 6A
1-19 of 19 Results