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  1. Automotive Industry & GM News
    Sitting in the hot seat is taking on a new meaning, as Cadillac recalls 53,586 CTS sedans for a potential fire risk thanks to faulty seat heaters. The recall has been filed with NHTSA and affects 2014-2016 models. Luckily, according to the recall, the problem is likely to occur when no one is...
  2. GMI Drives
    There was once a time, just after the turn of the Millennium, when Cadillac's performance credentials were buried so far in its past that the chance of its core group of customers listing 'driving thrills' as the reason why they bought their car was next to zero. That was all about to change...
  3. Global Cadillac News
    After a relative lull in product introductions, Cadillac has a pipeline of new vehicles ready to boost the brand's fortunes. Or so the General Motors division hopes. In early 2016 Cadillac launched the XT5 crossover and CT6 sedan, following it up with a refreshed XTS in late 2017. Next year...
1-3 of 3 Results