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  1. Global Cadillac News
    Cadillac's latest flagship sedan is headlining the brand's return to the forefront of the American luxury segment and spearheading its success in the global market. GM engineers gave it the lightest chassis in class, a medley of engine choices ranging from frugal to downright fast, and Super...
  2. Global Cadillac News
    Cadillac expects to see auto sales in the United States in calendar year 2017 fall just below 2016's best-ever results, which GM's premium brand considers a positive sign for the U.S. auto industry and Cadillac. While the decline reported America's auto industry in March 2017 drew headlines...
  3. Global Cadillac News
    Today Cadillac announced it had popped its 100,000 annual sales cherry in mainland China. Year-to-date, Cadillac has sent more than 100,000 cars to new homes across China, up 54 percent year-over-year, helping catalyze the brand into one of the fastest growing luxury brands in the People's...
  4. Global Cadillac News
    Johan de Nysschen has revealed to WardsAuto that Cadillac has tested a new car in China with new styling and the Chinese love it more than anything GM has ever showed them. The tall South African won't reveal the car, but does say it represents Cadillac's new styling direction. From Wards...
1-4 of 4 Results