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  1. General Car Lounge
    A Nice Watch !! Peter Rawlinson hosts Lucid Tech Talks — an all-new series that uncovers some secrets behind Lucid’s proprietary EV tech. In this first episode, Peter opens up the battery module and shares keys to achieving revolutionary range.
  2. Automotive Industry & GM News
    When the federal government agreed to give do-gooders in electric cars a tax break, it didn't want to be on the hook when electric cars became mainstream. To defend itself against that, it capped the number of electric cars a manufacturer could sell with the tax break to 200,000. According to...
  3. Opel & Vauxhall News
    Talk about proof of concept, Opel drove its new rebadged Chevy Bolt 417 kilometers (260 miles) from London to Paris for its debut at the biannual motor show. In fact, even after arriving at the Mondial de l'Automobile, the Ampera-e's on-board computer was still reporting a remaining range of...
1-3 of 3 Results