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  1. Global Chevrolet News
    More Chevy Corvette spy photos have been captured, this time showing what looks like the production form of the new 2018 Corvette ZR1. Aerodynamic enhancements contribute the biggest visual change to the ZR1 thanks to a new large hood, more air vents, a new front fascia, a new front splitter...
  2. Global Chevrolet News
    Actually it's nearly 23 percent, 22.73 to be exact. The data comes courtesy the National Corvette Museum who published 2016 model year Corvette final production numbers from Chevy. A total of 40,689 Corvettes were made in 2016, a 19 percent increase year-over-year. Of those, 9,249 were built...
  3. Global Chevrolet News
    The first Corvette Grand Sport was built out of necessity - the necessity for Chevrolet to beat the Ford-backed Shelby Cobra. Only five cars were built before company execs put the kibosh on the program, but a legend was born nonetheless, one of an automotive pissing contest that ended before...
1-3 of 3 Results