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Blazer LS
Well I Bought It From Charlie Cannon's In Blackwell. Mannn I Loved It Until My Radiator Just Started Leaking & I Had No Idea It Was. But The Temp Light Came On & I Was In The Middle Of Nowhere. I Saw A Lake Just Up The Road So I Kept An Eye On My Oil Pressure Gage. And At The Slightest Drop Of Pressure I Was Going To Shut Her Down. Then I Saw My Oil Pressure Start To Drop. So I Instantly Shut The Engine Off. But The Computer Beat Me To It. Well Since That Time & Oh I'm ASE Certified Every Time The Weather Changes It Run's Like Crap & Me Not The 2000 Chevrolet Blazer Dealership Know's What's Going On. I Pay'd 12,000.00 For It & It Run's Like Crap. But It's Ok I'm A Dedicated Chevrolet Man. & My Blazer Has Been Sooooo Much Fun To Drive. Maby You Can Refer Me To Some One That Has A Ls Or LSX454 Or The New ZZ572/720R I Can Put In It. Because Big Block Was My Intention From The Get Go. I Was Really Impresed By The Awesome job You All Did Coming Up With The Blazer It's Stunning & Awesome. Great Job.
2000 Chevrolet Blazer LS (Black)



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