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formula blue
started life a an exec 3.3l, bought from a dismantlers in tamworth nsw, and turned into my circuit racing car.see the action at:
1984 GM commodore (formula blue)


holden 308 cubic in. dates back to the late 60's. was never intended to be a competition engine, but once the lightweight torana came with it, it seemed a natural progression to develop it. this one runs 10:1 compression, is all iron with good rods, hypertech pistions, 8 ltr sump, modified oil system, mild camshaft, msd dist, 4500 series 750 holley, hdt heads, rollers, and makes around 400hp at the flywheel. a popular mod here is to stroke them out to 327 or 355cu, which pays big returns for a fair price.
gearbox is a 5 speed t5, with a summit racing shifter atop.
just a sparco seat, roll cage, gauges. run a POV 1.5 camera to capture all my vision, with the remote control mounted on the beautiful Momo steering wheel. only the drivers window can be wound all others are lexan with glass for front and rear screen.
body is standard other than hdt body kit homologated for international group a comp in 1985 and multi point welded in roll cage. the car s a dedicated circuit racing car. i have been racing her now for near 10years, old faithfull.
colour is formula blue, and the car is based around a vk group a homologation special that was built by Peter Brock's HDT and Holden. This is not a genuine example and is therefore not a numbered car. 500 numbered examples were built, and because they were all this colour, and had a very aggressive camshaft grind, the model became known as the bluemeanie.
weight is 1250kg wet.
the sound of a beautiful smalll block at 6400rpm and the occasional spider that has nested and chooses to move around while i am on track.
all adjustable platforms and shock absorbers. very stiffly sprung, the way i like it. this model commodore ran on mcpherson struts up front and 5 link panhard rod setup out back. she is still like that here, just beefed up. front track is widened by modifying lower arms to reduce understeer and allows up to 8 deg neg camber. caster adjustment up to 7 deg.
Wheel and Tire
magnificent corvette aero from 84. this is the wheel HDT based the original design on back in 85 when they were planning this 500 build run. the wheels were offerd in white or machined finish. white proved popular, and that is what i have done with the corvettes fitted here. run hoosier slicks.



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