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Z71 4X4
Bought it with 127,000km now has 150+ km on it. Over driving it!! (25g km in 18 months too much?). No third door which really sucks, but I knew both the last two owners and it's been well taken care of. That is until I got it and the first winter realized the shift on the fly didn't like shifting on the fly. Buyer beware! Old men don't use 4wd, they stay home when it snows. So much for having a 4wd truck. Oh well, runs strong and if driven nice gets almost the same mileage as my POS 2000 Tuarus! (which if I can find a pic maybe I'll post it too) Oh wait, I shouldn't call it a's got 275g+ km and cost less to maintain than the truck has so far. And I've had it more than twice as long. POS Z71...



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