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I bought the car in 2012 at Chevy Stonebriar in Frisco. I will NEVER go here nor recommend this shop to anyone. I took my 2010 equinox into their shop for the 3rd time. This was after I visited Chevy in Carrollton and was disappointed as well that the work they did, didn't fix the problems in my car for long. They replaced my time chain and fuel pump in JAN 2014. The car worked for about 6 months, I took it back to them and was told that I had to replace the throttle body sensor and on this type of car it has to have the whole assembly replaced. They wanted more than $500 to fix it. I ordered on eBay for $100 and had my brother install it. Worked great after that.
Then about a Year later the car started to feel like it was messing up again. I took it into HUFFINES IN LEWISVILLE they told me that it was the engine again and the ENTIRE engine would need to be replaced but it was covered still through special warranties. SO A $4400 NEW ENGINE WAS INSTALLED IN SEPT 2015. They insured me that it had a warranty.
Not even 5 MONTHS later in February I start feeling the car doing the same as before. I took it to them in Lewisville on FEB 5 2016. They told me they didn't feel anything wrong with it and would reprogram some updates to the software. Then called me to get my car.
4-18-16 While out with the family my car just stops going in reverse. I had the car towed to them, instead of risking it.
NOW I'm told that the TRANSMISSION IS OUT!! and its NOT COVERED!! WTH I have been telling all these dealers from the get go to check the transmission which was well before I passed the 100,000 miles mark. But no they insisted on waiting until it completely went out to try to do anything about it. They want $1200 to open and close it not to fix it. OR $4250 to replace it. This is our families only car and now we are having to ask for rides every day.
2010 GM Equinoz (Gray)


Auto Start
2.4L engine
Black leather seats with red stitching
Heated seats
Automatic seat
Chrome all around
Back up sensors
back up camera
DVD player, Tvs in back of seats
Wheel and Tire
Stock 18"


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