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I got it because I needed cheap transportation. It gets good gas, looks decent, and was faster than the other cheap transporst!

After about 6 months I got into stoplight drag-races. I ran out and got an intake and a catback exhaust. Tinted the windows then wisely decided against underglow. I was in the process of saving for a header when I started to realize how dumb and dangerous these mini-drag races were.

I started to look for a more legal way to get my high-speed jollies. There\'s a 1/8th mile dragstrip in town, and I was realy thinking about hopping on that a few times, but I can never find it open for street cars! I think I work on those days. :( Then I discovered Autocross.

I had already purchased new tires (Dunlop SP Sport A2) and I think with all these little mods I will get stuck in a tough class instead of one in which I could compete.


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