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Pearl White
She's been a great car. I never take her she don't want to go, and she always take me where I wanna be.
But She's getting a little tired and I need help figuring out what to do to make her feel young again. Starting with rear suspension.
Trying to figure out what type I have so I can put new "BLING" What type of Air Ride is she floating on?
2003 Cadillac Seville (Pearl White)


Well if you know anything about the Northstar 32 valve engine, Well you know what I'm facing there. Didn't help any that she sat parked for about 2 months and a dirty little rat decided "WOW what a condo" and moved right in. rearranging things as he saw fit.
And again theres my son, who thought he was always driving at Indy. And no matter how hard he tried she didn't "fishtail" around corners. ( probably because she's front wheel drive Genius)
Well I made the mistake of letting my 20something son use her. And well he dosen't know how to treat a lady. If he didn't like it, he removed it. If it didn't work correctly the first time every time he hit it. All in all she's help together well for her age. She just needs some TLC.
She has a few bumps and bruises. She even got kicked once in her rear drivers door. (she was totally innocent)
But nothing that takes away from her "Purdy Self"
Her stereo is original. Something else my son "tuned"
Next "repair" is her sound system. He liked his music and he liked it loud (didn't really matter what was ratteling or shaking screws loose) So her doors and front dash need speakers. I don't want to win any contests, But if I want you to know I'm there, I want you to KNOW I'm there.
AHHH suspension, And what has brought me here in the first place. Somebody HELP!!!!!!
Wheel and Tire
Just got new rubber all around. And sad to say, she drove better on 3 used tires and one new than she does now. The shop "RIPPED" her lug nut caps off with a hammer and screwdriver. Then proceeded to tell me it would probably be cheaper to just get chrome lug nuts, than to replace the caps. NO, It would have been cheaper to take it somewhere they take pride in their work. Not just rush you in and out like cattle at a slaughter house.


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