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Showcase cover image for mrfunji's 2003 Pontiac Grand Am GT1

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Grand Am GT1
This Grand Am has been great. Everyone complians about the tepid styling and plastic panels - I think the GT body style looks really sharp!

No mods and not planning any. All windows tinted to 35%.

Next car: 2005 GTO

No - the C6 isn't mine. Gotta love college recruiting fairs!



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The Grand Am was the car that hooked me on Pontiacs...It really bugged me how magazines kept dissin the Grand Am. I dont see how they can keep degrading the Grand Am when there are other fine plastic cars out there (cough...saturn) And it really made me sad when they said they were gonna quit grand am production...oh well, at least you got this sexy one before it was too late...nice car!

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Hey i really like those cars and the speedo reading 160MPH makes it tempting. We have a coupe Grand Am SE V6 and it's pretty quick. I've always wanted to drive a Grand Am GT Coupe. Test it out on a couple of Imports. Next is the GTO huh good choice way to up grade. I really like the interior on the GTO's. Do you plan to do any thing with the GTO.