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VZ Commodore Wagon
Just purchased on 13 Jul 06. Wagon comes with full cop kit including country suspension, limited slip diff, sump guard and altered shift gate. The shift gate allows you to select 2nd without depressing the change button, so you can knock it back without thinking too hard. Suspension is strong without being crashy and the LSD gives excellent bursting out onto the freeway. Have since change the wheels which were cop size 225 15s versus 205 on the standard rims. Now has 235 17s and rides very well. Punch from the new 175kW Alloytech engine is immediately noticeable after stepping out of the 152kW VXII sedan which I also have.
All in all I'm very happy. Would be happier if I could drive it day to day, but we bought it to carry the kids and unfortunately I don't take them to work with me.

My daily driver is a 1999 Olympic Edition 2.2 Vectra. Its done 50,000 kms in 14 months and I love to corner, mainly because it has little in the way of grunt. It revs hard from about 3000 and is surprisingly fun to drive. 15" wheels are a bit ordinary but replacing the tyres is cheap. It has a factory body kit and tragic girly stripes (pink purple and aqua). i was going to remove them but couldn't really get motivated. Makes it a kooky sort of sleeper and cruises at 140 kph easy.


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