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Flex Limited
Dark blue with silver roof
Originally a Christmas gift to my mother, from my father, the Flex came into our household upon the birth of our fourth child, which required a few more seats than the other cars provided.

I borrowed the Flex from my parents with the intention of shopping for a new car, but Mom beat me to the punch and bought herself a Volvo XC60 (she never really liked the big Ford). The Flex is less of a daily driver and more of a shuttle wagon when we need more than five seats. It's also our weekend getaway wagon.

I can not give a better review to a car. Ford hit a homerun with this. It's nearly as versatile as a minivan and avoids the dreaded "Soccer Mom" image. It's SUV enough to be trendy, but drives and "feels" more car-like and appeals to those who don't like the "jacked up" feel of an SUV. Not to mention ingress/egress is dramatically easier.

Power from the Ecoboost V6 is breathtaking. Stab your right foot to the floor and you'll give your kids whiplash as the huge wagon gives performance seemingly out-of-place in a family wagon.

With a few interior upgrades, this could have been (and in my opinion, should have been) a Lincoln.

If you're looking for a versatile, roomy family car, and you have the wherewithal (the Flex ain't exactly inexpensive), there's nothing on the market that comes even close. Drive one, and you'll throw rocks at GM's Lambdas.
2010 Ford Flex Limited (Dark blue with silver roof)


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