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General Information

GM - Buick
Regal GSe
Bought the car in June 2013, as a road side find. one owner !
Just over 200,000 well maintained road miles, car is in excellent original condition, barring a few "over the years", wear and tear areas on the interior, couple switches, of course the drivers seat is quite worn, all the others look and feel like new.

The car was un-molested when I took possession, I've done a few minor tweaks mostly, a couple simple mods, however, this winter, the plan is to take it somewhere between the Stage 2 and stage 3 versions of the GSX.

These types of mods, with a few "other tricks" that I have learned, as well as have been taught and finding out each day. The 3800 performance community and "Regal Groups" are so very helpful at sharing what worked, as well as what "did not"............... the latter being of great importance I feel.

The final result, will be, I hope a very high 12 to very low 13 second, reliable daily driver, with a very stealthy look, using a group of body mods, both combined with what I can find on the internet/groups, and a few I will make and/or modify to achieve my desired look.

Very much a "sleeper look" still, just a few differences.
2000 GM - Buick Regal GSe (Black/silver)



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