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General Information

This car was saved form a slow painful death. After being used for about 4 years (and having 180,000 miles rammed into it) it wore out and blew a head gasket. The owners sold it for cheap, to someone who was going to fix it up but never got to it. So it sat. And sat. My uncle, who restores cars, bought it and a parts firebird, and swapped some parts, restoring it to almost new. Man, this thing is sexy, I love it. I have big plans for soon as I get a job this car will get the make over it deserves.
A couple more quick facts...It's only a 6 banger, but it puts it's six to work. It has a factory turbo, it's a RWD, it has T-tops, and it's only flaws are two dings in the front fender and rear fender. I'm looking to put some new rims on it soon.



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