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I have a 2004 escalade that I bought new and the rims are peeling badly. I contacted gm and they will do nothing. this is last gm product i will ever buy. not only are the rims peeling [almost no chrome left now on every rim] i have had 4 brake jobs, 2 leaking brake line failures due to rust, 4 wheel bearing replacements, leaking gas line replaced, leaking gas tank replaced, shock replaced, the side mouldings are falling off, the doors are rusted at the bottom, the tires delaminated, the drivers door handle has to be manually pushed in to close, the speedometer does not work, the tachometer gyrates all over the place, the windshield wiper motor has had to be replaced twice, the rear hatch latch handle had to be repaired, one of the backup sensors fell off and can not be repaired unless i spend $300, one fog light disintegrated and can only be replaced at a cost of $280, the piston rods that elevate the rear hatch are failing and i have to left the door manually, the car shimmed badly and this condition was repaired twice, the battery has been replaced three times, ETC ETC ETC. SO FAR I HAVE SPENT AROUND $20,000 IN REPAIRS. NOW FOR THE GOOD PART- MY CAR HAS ONLY 37000 MILES ON IT. NO WONDER GM WENT BANKRUPT PRODUCING SUCH A PIECE OF CRAP. WHEN I COMPLAINED TO GM THEY GAVE ME A COMPLIMENTARY OIL CHANGE AND STATED THAT IS ALL THEY WOULD DO. on the positive side the motor is great. i have had no problems in this regard, AT LEAST NOT YET.


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