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Monte Carlo SS
I've always wanted a Monte SS since I was a young kid, but I also new they were gutless from the factory. So... I added a few litlle things to make here a true Super Sport. Like a L98 5.7L fuel injected engine. 2.02 heads which flow around 220cc (self ported and polished, adn everything gasket matched). 150 hp of NOS, forged crank, TH350 with a 2800 stall and stage II shift kit, manual valve body. I have taken around 700lbs of weight out f the car, bringing her down to 2900lbs with me in it. 3:73 auburn posi with 28 spline axles from a GNX. Future plans already in the works are... twin Series II 3800 Superchargers with a self made water injection. Car should be around 800hp and equal amount of Torque when said and done. Time to HOLD ON!!!!!

You can hear her here..

You can check out some progress shots here...


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