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CTS Performance Sedan
Black (Int/Ext)
So far, I've only installed a K&N "replacement" filter, and also changed out the stock Michelins "R" 18" P235's for Michelin P235's (18") rated AA - A. I was told these tires are good for speeds of 150+mph, and that they are far 'stickier' than the "R" rated tires (rated for 105mph I was told). For a bit over $1200.00 "all the way around" I should HOPE they'll live up to every bit of their reputation! I believe (on the tires) it says P235-AA5018-A (or the last 'A' is in another location on the sidewall). Over 50-getting senile I guess? lol...
2010 GM CTS Performance Sedan (Black (Int/Ext))


3.6L - 304HP (all stock except for a K&N replacement air filter). Looking to add NO2 plate system and ...hmm, can't figure out if she really needs any more than what she has already! Engine is spotless and hasn't any leaks anywhere with a bit over 20k on her. Silent as could be with the stock exhaust (unless you put your foot into the throttle body). :-)
All black leather. Electric everything. Heated/Cooled seats (all electric of course). Lumbar supports. Air bags galore (ten I think but don't hold me to it)! Smoke-free interior! Betty Boop floormats (sexy little thang she is)! I LOVE the headlamps that "follow the wheel" ...that much is a real treat for night driving. Automatic Air, Auto-Headlamp system, "memory seats (1 & 2) - don't all GMs have that? Lastly, she has the Onstar System will "all the fixings." Very, very handy for ppl like me that can't find anything. lol...
All black clear-coat, stock GM paint. I've used the best (imho) in automotive supplies and a D.A. to strip off the wax and a bit of the clear-coat as well to remove all but one scratch. So she has nary-a-one swirl mark or 'nasty'. Just highly glossed black with that "wet look." Very sharp! (Most everything I use is Pro Meguiar chemicals, towels, polishes, "black" waxes", cutters, abrasives, etc). ((I even "do" waterspots-from-hell))!
Fully loaded, Bose-speakers all over the place, big bass speaker on rear deck w/power amp from Crown rated at 1200 watts. (A bit much for us old poops). haha!!! Five disc CD or Sirius XM at a touch of a button. Both sound 'primo' at any volume with NO distortion (and no blown speakers so far). Oh! Almost forgot to mention the most important entertainment, my wife! (smirk)
Stock F2 (Sports Suspension). Not a Cadillac ride, but a "just right" kind of stiffness. Very responsive/reactive and stable as could be. Brakes will soon be replaced with those oversized pads with rotors that have holes for cooling ....I can't remember what the heck they are called. (Sorry). I DO remember that they can stop her @ 60mph in about 106 feet ...or something like that. (Face pressed into windshield)? Very impressive, and I love excellent braking.
Wheel and Tire
Stock rims, Michelins AA-A P235-50-18's rated for 150+mph. About $300.00 each (reduced rate from MSRP). NONE of them needed any wheel-weights when "spun" hard. I LOVE Michelins! (And they DO "stick like glue" on most surfaces). Ice and snow ....forget it. Without the chains she won't move even with traction-controls on. (But we rarely see that white stuff here (North Carolina).



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