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1500 Silverado Z71 4WD
Just Purchased it about 1st of May 2013. Had less than a week and brake light kept popping on and off. Yet brakes operated ok. Then had failure and brakes went to floor. Had rotten brake line as all of these trucks apparently do and while replacing line damaged the threads on ABS Modulator Valve Unit. Now Brakes vibrate in pedal like ABS is trying to function but truck will not stop. If you continue to depress or reapply the brakes the abs vibration goes away and truck drives properly. Thought replacing the ABS Valve and a few rotten lines would fix the issue.... I was wrong. It ran ok for long enough to get a State Inspection done then literally 6 miles later on rough dirt road which we normally travel I went through puddle of water big enough to spray water out to sides of truck but only about 3 inches deep the Brake Warning Light on Dash came on and stays on and Chimes yet brake seem to operate fine. Recently replaced all vehicle exterior bulbs just for good measure and have topped off and completely replaced all brake fluid with approved DOT 3 fluid. I also followed procedure to reset ABS Modulator Unit by going down dirt road and locking up brakes to induce skid which supposed to reset ABS valve so rear brakes can be bled as the front were done first per GM instruction.
2000 Chevrolet 1500 Silverado Z71 4WD (Red)


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