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Showcase cover image for 1989 Cadillac Sedan de Ville hearse

General Information

Cadillac Sedan de Ville
EU version and driven as a private car, before being rebuilt into a hearse by a local hearse builder.
Hearses in Denmark are built with large windows for a better look inside.
There is a 1989 Fleetwood FWD Cadillac hearse in the country as well, but this is known to be the only Cadillac Hearse in active duty in the country, why it services the whole country if requested. It is not so often, though.

EU version means i.e. built in yellow rear turn signals.
As it was imported new to Denmark in 1989, several other things have been disconnected as well, such as the yellow parking light front, cournering lights and side marker lights front and rear.
I am working on reestablishing this again.
1989 GM Cadillac Sedan de Ville (Blue)


Leather and full digital dash
The exterior is the EU version, which I am working on rebuilding back to the US version.
Largest move was to replace the taillights. The third photo shows the difference between the - left - US taillight and the - right - EU taillight.
The fog lights in the rear bumper is a Swiss requirement for the EU version (though Swiss is not a member of the EU). As the European license plates are longer and i.e. Denmark only slowly has given in to allowing US cars to be registered with smaller license plates, the backup light is built into the rear bumper as well.
Original - but for some reason not working.
The automatic level ride has for some odd reason been replaced by a manual switch under the dash.
It no longer works with the dash light for level ride.
Could be caused by an unskilled mechanic over the years.
Wheel and Tire
White wall tires and wire wheel covers.



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