2010 9-1

Trim Levels

Base: 9-1 1.8t
Mid-level: 9-1x 1.8t BioPower
Up-level: 9-1x Aero


Talk about tapping into largely unexplored new markets. Small luxury is in, plain and simple. A4, 3 Series, 9-3? They aren't the "compact" luxury cars they once were. This new market is occupied by only the A3 and to some extent the Mini. Saab has an opportunity to jump into the game here. The 9-1 could come at just the right time, right as this new segment in the market is opening, establishing a foot hold and cashing in on it's spectacular growth potential. BMW's 1 Series isn't here yet, and who knows when it'll arrive, and that leaves Saab with a golden opportunity. Saab character, combined with the environmentally friendly BioPower engine, would make the 9-1 the choice of a ripe market with few entries. A hot little hatch would go back to Saab's roots, selling well and bringing more affordable excitement to the brand, much like the original Saab classic, the 900. The, 9-1, simply put, is a modern day 900, a Saab for the Saab purist.

With Subaru no longer available to draw upon for the next generation Saab 9-1, and the car needing a replacement, the next generation 9-1 arrives to take it's place, based on the flexible next generation Delta platform, Delta II. Because of that, this time around Saab will get to be a lot more creative with it's smallest entry, making the 9-1 it's own. Simply put, the 9-1 will be a true Saab. Naming for the next generation 9-2X is not confirmed, 9-2 and 9-1 are both on the table.

Specifications Sheet

Vehicle Type: 4 Door 4 passenger Sport Hatch
Size Comparison: Audi A3
Competitors: Audi A3
Base Platform: Enhanced Delta II
Drive Wheels: FWD, AWD Aero/9-1x BioPower
9-1 1.8t: 1.8L 175HP Ecotec Turbo
9-1x BioPower: 1.8L (On E100) 245HP BioPower Turbo Ecotec
9-1x Aero: 2.0L 265HP Ecotec Turbo
Transmissions: 6 Speed Manual, 6 Speed Sentronic