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Thread: US Diesel Sales Surge as Hybrid’s Fall in 2011

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    Re: US Diesel Sales Surge as Hybrid’s Fall in 2011

    'Disposal' was last described last summer - in a charitable sense as 'experimental' - with no viable program - yet.


    Meanwhile - this entire article is 'interesting'.... especially the first para in a different way......

    Hybrids in U.S. Lose Appeal to Gas-Efficiency

    By David Welch and Jeff Green - Jan 10, 2012

    It’s a sign of the times when Cadillac is staking its comeback on a compact car that boasts fuel economy approaching 40 mpg.

    Cadillac’s ATS sedan is one example of how carmakers at the Detroit auto show are putting new emphasis on small, powerful models with more fuel-efficient engines as sport-utility vehicles and even hybrids take a back seat.

    General Motors Co. (GM)’s luxury brand brags that the ATS will run on a turbo-charged four-cylinder engine that kicks out 270 horsepower while still offering robust fuel economy.

    At the same time, Ford Motor Co. (F) said it’s dropping plans for a hybrid version of its popular Escape SUV.

    While past auto shows have been stocked with gas-electric hybrids and SUVs, slow hybrid sales have brought a dose of reality to the industry.

    Carmakers are realizing they can give buyers what they want and avoid the expense of electric motors and batteries by shrinking cars and wringing better fuel economy from traditional gasoline engines.

    “The advantages of hybrids are getting harder to justify,” said Scott Corwin, a vice president with consulting firm Booz & Co. in New York.

    “It’s the cost differential. Consumers are rational and they understand the cost of ownership.”

    Hybrid sales slowed last year to 2.2 < 2.11 > percent of U.S. auto sales, from 2.4 percent in 2010, according to researcher LMC Automotive. -

    Lots of interesting quotes from interesting sources.....
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    Re: US Diesel Sales Surge as Hybrid’s Fall in 2011

    GM already produces a Duramax V6. They just use it for the Saab 9-5 and the Opel/Vauxhall Insignia.
    I don't see why they couldn't retune it and fit it for RWD use. Sure it's not the most powerful, but you could easily beat out Ford's EcoBoost in real-world fuel economy.
    They could also fit it with the Buick Regal or the Chevy Malibu with a very few modifications (if any at all).

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