New: Riversimple Rasa hydrogen car

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Thread: New: Riversimple Rasa hydrogen car

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    New: Riversimple Rasa hydrogen car

    PUBLISHED: 00:01 GMT, 17 February 2016

    Finally, a sleek, affordable British-built hydrogen-powered electric city car has arrived. Hitting the roads from today, the electric car will reduce emissions, with just water coming from its exhaust, and it even has DeLorean-style gull wing doors. Called Rasa, the green vehicle runs on electricity generated by hydrogen fuel cells and gives the equivalent of '250 miles to the gallon', according to its backers.

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    Re: New: Riversimple Rasa hydrogen car

    Pay through the nose for the lease and then spend all your time looking for a Hydrogen gas station.....

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    Re: New: Riversimple Rasa hydrogen car

    Quote Originally Posted by MonaroSS View Post
    Pay through the nose for the lease and then spend all your time looking for a Hydrogen gas station.....

    Just what I thought. 300mi range, just enough to drive to the nearest hydrogen station and back home. Won't be driving the same car back, though.

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    Re: New: Riversimple Rasa hydrogen car

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    Re: New: Riversimple Rasa hydrogen car

    It's made Wales, and there is only two UK hydrogen filling stations one in Scotland & England all right if have the odd 3-5 hours each way everytime you want a fill-up. When you get back home you probably won't have any juice left so you will have fill up again. If you're a Welshman travelling to London, your make it home back to Wales on its first ever fill-up where it is made but not back to London for its second ever fill-up fill-up.

    £500 ($710) a month lease for a tiny cramped 2-seater should ensure nobody will ever buy one. Will suit someone a bit potty with more money than common sense. Prince Charles is probably their target customer. You can buy a base model Tesla S for less than that that sort of money eat month, and its yours to sell on once its paid for.

    7 seats in a Kangoo ZE are better than a cramped living in a cramped 2 seater unpractical jellymould with no means of topping up 2 stations in the UK.

    Renault will lease you a practical boxy beautiful roomy Kangoo ZE Crewbus for half the cost each month, and it yours after a few years all you then pay is £100 for is leased batteries and it comes with a Papel blessing, he owns one. Why travel rough it in an expensive leased cramped 2 seater jellymould when you can travel in a spacious Kangoo ZE with heavenly headroom & legroom. Unpractical gull wing doors on the Rasa will make it impossible to get into if two cars park to close, the practical sliding doors on the Renault won't leave you red and angry in the face locked out of your car in the rain.

    Need a lot more filling stations, and the lease price $719 is horrendous for a cramped unpractical 2 seater small sized jam jar of a car thats not very practical.

    I think when hydrogen bead fuel cells come in that will catch on big time as you will be able to fill it up at any regular gasoline diesel fuel station as they are more safer less volatile than gasoline, the fuel hydrogen bead cell is safe & cheap as peanuts 19p a litre you will be able to run an old 1960's awesome Mustang on it without having any modifications done to the car, and what comes out the Classic 60's Mustangs tailpipe will be just water cleaner than super dull Toyota Prius LINK
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