May, 2008 (USA) Hybrid sales results (all)

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Thread: May, 2008 (USA) Hybrid sales results (all)

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    May, 2008 (USA) Hybrid sales results (all)

    Look at the ratios.

    4 June 2008

    US Sales of Hybrids Drop <20%> Year-on-Year in May 2008

    Reported US sales of hybrids in May 2008 declined 20% from May 2007 to 35,943 units. < on a non adjusted basis >

    This drop is largely, but not solely, due to a 37% drop in sales of the Prius to 15,011 units in May 2008 from 24,009 units in May 2007.

    < Prius sales fell -39.8% on an adjusted (dsr%) - daily sales rate basis. >

    Toyota characterized the decline as due to “limited availability”.

    The May 2008 figures also include sales of the Lexus LS600h and five hybrids from GM (Tahoe and Yukon two-modes, Saturn VUE, Saturn Aura and Chevy Malibu.) All percentage comparisons here are by total sales volume, not by adjusted day sales rate.

    Total May 2008 light-duty vehicle sales in the US declined 10.7% to 1,396,965 units, according to Autodata.

    Reported sales of hybrids represented 2.6% of new vehicle sales—a decrease from the April 2008 high of 3.2% as well as below the 2.88% share of May 2007.

    Toyota Motor.

    1. ) Toyota’s Camry Hybrid posted 5,999 units, a 12% decline from May 2007, representing 11.7% of all Camry’s sold.

    Total Camry sales increased 2.3% (by total volume) in May 2008 to 51,291 units.


    2. ) The Highlander Hybrid posted 2,644 units, a decrease of 20% from May 2007, representing 24.4% of all Highlanders sold.

    Total Highlander sales declined 9.6% in May 2008 year-on-year to 10,841 units


    3. ) Sales of the Lexus Rx 400h rose 23% to 2,155 units, representing 26.7% of all Rx models sold.

    Total Rx sales dropped 17.5% year-on-year.


    The GS 450h sold 98 units, a decrease of 46% from May 2007, representing 5.7% of all GX models sold.

    Total GX sales dropped 24.3%


    The high-end LS 600h sold 112 units, representing 5.3% of all LS models.
    The rest ( OEM ) are covered at the link.
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