Melbourne Eco-friendly service station a hit.

Motorists can fill up with E10 unleaded, containing 10 per cent ethanol, or a selection of bio-diesels.

There's B20, which is ordinary diesel with 20 per cent biofuel, or B100, which is 100 per cent biofuel.

The biofuel comes from the Energetix plant in Laverton North, a division of the Victor Smorgon Group, which is also helping Mr Epstein get himself established in the cut-throat, tight-margin service station game....

The B20 and B100 diesel is made from a combination of canola oil, animal fat and recycled cooking oil collected by Smorgon tankers from restaurants all over Melbourne.

The recipe changes depending on the season because of the different behaviour of the oils at low temperatures.

The managing director of Victor Smorgon Group, Peter Edwards, said the Laverton North plant had a potential capacity of 100 million litres a year.