Got a small development of rod knock on my one 05 Uplander's Engine, plus a leaky oil pan and stuck open thermostat.

What is the possibility of doing an LZ9 (Or LGD) swap?
All models in 2007-2009 came standard with the 3.9L LZ9 or LGD.

I already have ECU and TCM of the 3.9L and an 3.9L engine harness.
The entire harness connects perfectly fine and all the modules communicated no problem when I tested them. So the electrical part is dealt with.

I have someone who has a 3.9L engine available from a car (Possibly an Impala or Monte Carlo LZ9)

Is there anything that will have to be changed for a successful swap?

I am more or less interested to see if anyone has either done the swap before or know exactly the parts needed to do so. Or even part numbers.
I know the radiator will have to be one of them and possibly exhaust and cooling lines.

When doing the process, do I leave the ECU with the VIN of the donor vehicle it came with or not? Will any of this effect emissions testing? Or do I just make note of the Year of Engine and it's Mileage?

Appreciate any comments.