VYII V8 Adventra

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Thread: VYII V8 Adventra

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    VYII V8 Adventra

    G'day ladies and gents,

    A friend of ours has a 2004 VYII Adventra that keeps going into "limp mode" and has asked for some help. I'd appreciate if anyone can give any direction with respect to what may be worth investigating. Details are shown below.

    Quote Originally Posted by mikmaks inbox
    Hey Mick
    Thanks for looking at this for me. I don’t know where to go from here as we have run out of money and are very annoyed with it all.

    So on the 4th Sept 2011 i was driving our 2004 adventra VYII V8 up the gateway. I had cruise control set at 80km, when the car stopped revving and would only let me drive in 2 gear at 40km/hr(limp mode). It was taken to mechanic on the Monday and they replaced the abs computer(it was already broken), oil pressure switch, vac t/piece, repaired to auto transmission and code tested.

    Around less then a month later driving with cruised set at 100km/hr it did the same thing(limp mode). This time the car had been driving for over 4 hours as we were 10km south Miriam Vale. We then limped it to Rockhampton in 2 gear doing out. Once again the transmission was fixed, under warranty and it had a computer upgrade through Holden.

    Then in November 2011 as i was driving up the hill on Howard street heading Rosemount way the car went into limp mode again. Once again I had it in cruise control @ 60km. The car got towed back to original mechanics got the trans over hauled again, replaced engine computer and upgraded it.

    In June of this year after dropping the kids to school and then driving to Yandina the car for the FOURTH time went into limp mode. Once again car was in cruise control @ 80kms. It got towed back to original mechanic. This time they decided to investigate more. it was placed on a dino machine at David Jones autos where they found that the car wasn’t running at the right temperature so the thermostat was replaced. They also found that the AWD system was not operating the front wheels correctly.

    They were not sure if this affected the problem with the car but still recommended replacing or fixing AWD transfer case. We haven’t done anything with the AWD transfer case. David jones was in conference with eagers Holden at Newstead. the car hasn’t been taken to Holden to be tested though i have spoken to them and they have basically said the car needs to be broken before they can tell us what is wrong.

    The car is drivable but neither my hubby or I are game to drive it as we can’t afford to spend anymore money on it. we both love the car but it has been nothing but trouble for the last 12 months and no one really knows what’s wrong or how to fix it. Holden say they have never had anyone with the same problem and that the car is too old to do anything under their warranty.
    Would love to know where should we go from here.
    I've asked for codes to help find the problem so I'll post them if I can. Thanks for any help! Share around too if you know anyone with particular expertise or experience with Adventras.



    For our north american friends, this is the Adventra:

    Basically a V-car wagon with a 4L60-E, AWD transfer case and GenIII 5.7.
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    Re: VYII V8 Adventra

    Have you posted this on the LS1 forum Mick?
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    Re: VYII V8 Adventra

    in my experiences this may be some, coupling trouble, 02 sensors or a degraded transfer case.

    in each the symptoms are similar. limp home mode can be cleared by most idiots with a scanner but go through the documentation of the service reports since it has been playing up and post up any error codes and terminology they have been using.

    this smells a bit to me.... I'd suspect that your Trans has not been overhauled at all if the issue is not fixed. i would take your Adventra to a Holden dealer and have the workshop's head mechanic and foreman look very closely at the transfer case and other systems that may be causing havoc like the 02 sensors logging severe codes and possibly a broken connector on the ABS harness(s) somewhere in the vehicle, i've seen that before....

    the transfer cases have been known to need replacement from 130k onwards one vehicle, a 2006 VZ LX6 adventra had 46,000Kms on it and the case was chewing itself out!

    I hope this provides some useful insight and help.
    let me know how you get on.

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