Took the capy down to get a pink slip today first time I've needed one for it, so guy comes back with the pink slip saying it passed this time but it wont pass next time as you have an oil from the timing cover or the sump.
I did have it fixed once already under warranty when the car was less then a year old.
So rang Holden to see how long warranty stuff like this as the car is out of warranty and I know it's an expensive job to get done.
So long and short of it is I have to book it into a Holden dealer and get it diagnosed then the dealership has to put in something to see if Holden will fix it under good will so I have to wait til I can afford to get the rego done then book it in to get inspected.
Funny thing was I didn't bring up anything about wanting Holden to pay for it, the person I spoke to on the phone brought up the whole good will gesture after I mentioned that I know that the leaky seal is a known problem with diesel Captivas and that the dealership that fixed it in the first place said I wont need to get that fixed again.
I did notice when I changed the oil 2 months ago that did a **** job when they did fix before as there is silicon goop everywhere, I know the car is 5 yrs old now but that was the first time I've ever got under there so never noticed it.
Hopefully I can afford rego in the next week or two and we will see what they say after its inspected.