UK: The new Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

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Thread: UK: The new Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

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    Aston Martin V8 Vantage

    Jeremy Clarkson wrote:
    Eventually there will be a faster version called the Vantage Vantage probably, or the Vantage Squared, but for now, when you change down and pull out to overtake, the baby Aston accelerates briskly but with none of the savagery you might have been expecting. Itís fast. But itís not blistering.

    The engine starts out in life as a 4.2 litre Jaguar V8 but is then extensively reworked to become a 4.3 that churns out 380bhp and 302 torques. This isnít enough. Itís less torque than you get from a Mercedes SLK, less bhp and torque than you get from a Vauxhall Monaro. And more worryingly itís less bhp and torque than youíll get from the next Jaguar XK, which will be cheaper as well. And just as beautiful.
    Ummm...that's a bit disappointing don't you think? that means the Jaguar XK is a better bang for your buck. Personally, I would take the new Jaguar if it meant to keep the wallet intact. 80K for 380 bhp and 302 Torques...I'm sorry, but I was expecting more power that sort of money. I don't think Aston has an aftermarket tuner such as Brabus or Carlsson, maybe this car will encourage one? Who knows...

    Jeremy Clarkson wrote:
    But put your foot down and a little valve in the exhaust system changes everything. Under full-bore acceleration, this car doesnít rumble or howl. It sounds like all the most exciting bits of the Bible. It sounds like Revelation. And itís just so loud. When my wife went for a spin on a balmy summerís evening, I heard her change from fourth to fifth a full two miles away.
    I Can't wait to hear that noise...I've heard Aston developed a special exhaust, with a valve that opens, every time the driver puts the foot down a little bit harder, so the Aston has the same type of exhaust of the Maserati GranSport, and that's about one of the best sounding cars ever.

    To read the entire article click here: You're a real gentleman thug, sir

    That was a very enjoyable reading. It almost makes me feel as-if I'm reading a script for Top Gear itself, because Clarkson communicates his thoughts in that very unique way even in the newspaper. Jeremy makes his point very clear, and I have no idea what the Olympic Games in London has anything to do with it.
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