1950s Chrysler Windsor I think.

Gorgeous 'Stang.

Chevy Blazer Pickup

Chevrolet Camaro

Porsche 914

Bitter (exotic German car that relied heavily on Opel parts). Went bankrupt in the 1980s I think.

Porsche 928, lightly "riced".

Porsche 356 I think. Nice.

Fiat 2300 Sedan I believe.

NSU Prinz (rotary engined)

Opel Kadett

Ford Escort (The Pug)

Might be an older Ford. Saw the badge at the show but I just can't remember the brand...

Alfa Romeo Giulia's

Alfa Romeo Alfetta: one of the hottest sedans to come out of 1970s/1980s Italy. :rockon:

Opel Ascona 1.2 (55-hp)

Ford Taunus Coupe I assume. It's definitely a Ford though.

Mercedes SE Coupe. Hot.

Another 280S. The owner should be beaten again and again for putting such ugly rims on such a gorgeous car. ****************************.

Auto Union

Porsche 912 Carrera I think.


This convertible is self-made because there was never a Trabant convertible. The Communists had no idea what that was. :devil:

BMW 600

Ponton Mercedes 190D


Chevy Silverado (Blinged-out)

BMW 502 "Baroque Angel"