Renault has no comment on advisory bank reports

PARIS, Sept 6 (Reuters) - French carmaker Renault <RENA.PA> declined comment on Wednesday on newspaper reports saying it was hiring advisory banks for a possible alliance with General Motors Corp <GM.N> and its existing ally Nissan.

"I talked about it with (finance director) Thierry Moulonguet and he said that we would make no comment until mid-October," a spokeswoman for Renault said.

GM and Renault have launched a 90-day study into the possibilities of a three-way alliance with GM and small teams of executives, headed by the companies' CFOs, will report back to the chief executives by Oct. 15.

The Financial Times said on Wednesday that Renault had hired investment bank BNP Paribas <BNPP.PA> to advise it on a possible three-way tie-up and the car maker had also drawn up a shortlist of other investment banks to advise it on the deal.

In a separate report, the Wall Street Journal cited unidentified sources as saying Renault was in the process of hiring two investment banks to advise it on the matter.

A Nissan spokeswoman in Tokyo declined to comment.

Nissan is owned 44 percent by Renault. The two automakers, which both are headed by Carlos Ghosn, have been talking to GM about a possible three-way alliance, discussing topics such as pooling purchasing of parts and sharing vehicle platforms.

Ghosn has said in the past that Nissan-Renault would take a substantial stake in GM as part of any expanded alliance.

Billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian, the largest single shareholder in GM, suggested the three-way tie-up and made his suggestion public in late June.

Last week, Ghosn said discussions between Renault and GM were "progressing well" and he reiterated that the company expected to reach a conclusion by mid-October.