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BMW has just released info on its first Class Six bullet resistant vehicle, the BMW X5 Security Plus, which happens to be the first vehicle ever available to the public with that classification from a high-volume manufacturer. That means that its skin can handle anything up to a AK-47 assault rifle, the weapon-of-choice for terrorists, pirates and kidnappers around the globe. Besides thicker bulletproof glass, BMW has added heavier armored body panels all around, as well as sealing up all of the joints to bolster protection in normally vulnerable body panel gaps.

The Security Plus models are partially built alongside the regular models in Spartanburg, SC, and then sent to Toluca, Mexico for final assembly. Some of the special features that are fitted include a beefed-up suspension with special run-flat tires, an intercom system to communicate with people outside the vehicle, a hold-up alarm that automatically locks windows and doors, plus sirens and flashing lights too. There's also a list of options that includes a rear view camera and a front-bumper-mounted side view camera. It's powered by BMW's 355 horsepower, 4.80-liter V8, and even with the extra equipment, this crossover can scoot from 0 to 62 miles-per-hour in 8.2 seconds on its way to a top speed electronically limited to 112 mph...