Michael Martinez, The Detroit News 6:30 p.m. EDT March 22, 2016

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Ford Motor Co. Chief Financial Officer Bob Shanks said Friday the Dearborn automaker would remain profitable
if the auto industry entered a severe recession and U.S. sales plummeted 30 percent in a single year.

In such a scenario, Shanks said Ford would cut costs by about $3 billion by eliminating shifts and overtime at
its manufacturing plants, lowering its profit sharing and slashing sales, advertising and other costs. He said
the automaker would continue to invest in engineering and would continue to roll out new products.

He said Ford would be able to break even if automakers sold just 11 million vehicles in one year —
a 37 percent plunge from last year’s record 17.5 million new cars and trucks sold in the U.S
Sounds like Ford is trying to reassure the banking community and stockholders that all is well
regardless of what may happen in the future....