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Thread: Envoy Coil Paks & Spark Plugs

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    Re: Envoy Coil Paks & Spark Plugs

    Quote Originally Posted by rbarrios View Post
    thats great news....

    Please let us know how much you saved by doing it yourself vs having the mechanic do it (parts+labor)...
    how easy/hard it was to do the throttle body cleaning and plug change... hopefully someone will come along and see this thread too...
    My mechanic wanted to charge $400 for the tune up which included AC Delco plugs and the #2 coilpak (which after an analysis tested bad) but no throttle cleaning. Knock off $150 without the coilpak.

    I went to NAPA and got the AC Delco Iridium plugs for 7 bucks each and the coilpak was 93 dollars. So my total came to $135 plus my time (about 3 hours because I had to do part of the job over again ). Most importantly, I learned something new and that, in the bigger scheme of things is priceless.

    The only tools I needed were a ratchet, with three different sized extensions, a 10 mm socket to remove the cover and each coilpak , an 8 mm to remove the battery post, and a spark plug socket. I needed a screwdriver to remove the hose clamps and wire clips from the coils (a right angled screw driver worked best for these).

    Once the cover comes off all but 5 of the coilpaks are right there; easily accessible. Loosened the bolts and the coil pop right off. Taking the plugs out was straight forward but you need the extensions to reach them. Some of my plugs had oil on them which, I am told, is normal.

    To get at cylinder #6 (the one at the back of the engine)was not a problem for me but getting at #1 was near impossible with the wire harness box covering a portion of the coilpak and the bolt holding it in place. I took the cover off then broke the weird white clips holding the box in place on the block and I was then able to get the coilpak in and out with no problem at all. Putting the harness box back in place without the clips doesn't appear to be an issue because the engine cover sort of locks it back in place so it can't move around or vibrate and the wires are tight anyway.

    BTW I used a can of CRC carb cleaner for the throttle cleaning and it worked just fine.

    Now she runs like a new truck, smooooooth as silk and no missing or hesitation.

    Hope this information will help others who want to tackle their tune up. I thought it would be difficult because I am an old school mechanic. Looking under the hood of newer vehicles (mine is an '02 Envoy XL) used to be a bit intimidating. No longer.

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    Re: Envoy Coil Paks & Spark Plugs

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