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Yea... the wheel is on the wrong side!

Very nice though, I like the first picture where its up high, how did you get that one?
Our house is a highset (ie living area is on second floor), with the bar and spare bedroom, pool room and spare bathroom are all downstairs. We live in sugar cane fields near a river and when it floods...well lets just say there's no carpet downstairs.

As for $300, I advertised it for $10800. She is picking it up this afternoon for $10500. The new owner was so excited to be getting a new car (had a VN manual wagon which is a 89 to 91 model) that we had already decided price before she even sat in it. It is super clean though. It was my partners car most of the time, which is lucky because my car is always full of crap (I refuse to litter).

As a side note: My car has the more recent headlights than the original Monaro so you can get an idea of how old the design was locally, before it turned into the GTO. It also has the same arse. Only the tail lights differed (I know that isn't entirely true but its very close).