Ok, before some of you jump on me and complain that I claim to be pro-GM yet drive a Honda with mods done to it, I'd like to really quickly read this...

Call this car rice if you want, but given that this car took 10 seconds stock to reach 60 and the car wouldn't even touch 100 mph, I felt I needed to do SOMETHING as it was to slow for my tastes... and I don't race it now (nor do I have any plans on making it a wannabe rice racer), I don't think the title "rice" fits this car/me... not to mention that this does not have the 1052987701 HP stickers, a $500 "racer" bodykit that doesn't even fit and cracks after a month, faux carbon-fiber panels or vinyl, an unpainted carbon fiber hood just to say "I got carbon fiber!", I didn't just put a muffler on and call it a race car. Plus, what is wrong with a little customization? Blowing off some steam due to some ppl harrassing me on other sides calling me a ricer, and just giving a heads up to everyone on this site.

Ok, now about the car...

The car's name is PAK Accord. PAK is short for Punk A$$ Kid, a nickname I got when I was 8 for calling my aunt Old Lady. To this day, we greet eachother with those respective names.

PAK Accord Basics:
-1997 Honda Accord Special Edition
-F22 engine (same engine as the LX) non-VTEC
-Stock 4 speed Auto (blah...)
-Injen CAI
-DC Sport 4-2-1 Header
-Full OBX exhaust
-17x7 Basel rims/Wanli tires
-Underglow blue neon lights
-Underdash blue neon lights w/ flashing to sound
-Red aluminum shifter
-"Punk Ass Kid" windshield banner
-KYB springs/struts
-Panasonic deck
-Pioneer speakers
-Pioneer IMPP 10" sub
-Kicker 400W amp
-Aftermarket Alarm/remote starter

I gotta say, I love this car. This is truly one of the greatest midsize cars ever build. You can beat on it and it'll keep running. It still looks great, and was the best looking midsizer of its time. It's reliable, low-maintaince, and it's just an all-around great car.

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