I have a 2013 GMC Sierra Tx edition 25,000 miles that I take extremely good care of. I pulled the door handle to open up--It broke. Now interior lights and bed light will not turn off. I had to remove fuse--interior lights are off-bed light still on-had to remove bulbs. What's up? Already had to replace cracked dash--$700.00 . Traction light came on- had to replace rt.front wheel bearing/sensor assembly--$400.00. Both headlight bulbs burned out at the same time--$225.00--mechanic said it had bad sockets. Paint on hood developing small blisters even though truck is kept garaged-- dealer said "Thats too bad- have hood repainted"--at my expense again. Headlight lens developing small crack like areas-similar to my outside kept 03. Does anyone else have this much trouble ? I am ready to get rid of this P.O.S. I am so disgusted. I have a 2006 Nissan Armada with 150,000 miles. The only problem I ever had was a leaking air leveler shock-and this vehicle stays outside-it still looks new. I am going to replace the door handle myself but the lights have me baffled. Any help would be appreciated. Please do not tell me to sell it-I have already heard that enough times to make me sick. One buddy said "I have a can of gas and a match"- sounds tempting. Any advice ?---Rod