Niro, Soul! 1.6t

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Thread: Niro, Soul! 1.6t

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    Niro, Soul! 1.6t

    Dropped in to a not-local KIA dealer yesterday to check the '17 Niro and Soul Turbo.
    I drove a Niro briefly here locally before the dealer went on my ____ list. So off to lovely downtown Dearborn it was, to visit the LaFontainne complex at Telegraph and Michigan.
    What a mess! Pave your lot! What, you guys don't make any money selling 2000 cars/month?

    You might ask, why, O Great Neanderthal, are you driving these cars when you have New Wheels?

    First the Niro. It's quiet, it's a good height at 60" and the chairs are at the appropriate elevation for my wife and me. It's a little catchy with the 6/DCT + Electric, but nothing serious. Just not enough Powah! It's reasonably smooth and quiet, at least it was for our abbreviated drive on the side streets of Dearborn at rush hour. Nice car, it would work fine if you're after 40-50 MPG, which admittedly would be cool.

    Next the Soul!, with a 7/DCT and the ubiquitous 1.6t claiming 201 HP and 195 torkies. A wee bit taller at 63". The salesman was pointing out important points, like the red stitching on the upholstery and a couple of other items that only a seamstress could care about.
    This car is shod with 235.45.18 shoes, big fat sukkaz for a little car like this. Well, not so little, I think it's about 3100 lb.
    This car had the panoramic roof and other stuff that cost $1000, plus a $3000 package of electronic pests and nannies. Otherwise you can sticker this car including transport for about $24,000.

    Funny, the car rides noticeably smoother than my '15 Soul+ that ran 17" wheels. Must have done some bushing work.

    And it DO git up and go!

    Slip the little brain-button into the performance side and this car has little of the DCT hesitation that we read about so much but which I've found to be minimal in all the Hyundais I've driven with this trannie. Which is probably about a half dozen. EXCEPT the early Veloster, I think it was a '16 model, but it did have that nasty lag/catch characteristic.

    So here we have a typical Soul, rides nicer, goes quicker, has a one MPG higher rating than the lesser-powered brethren. In fact, I think the base 1.6 gets the worst mileage. More power, more MPG. What a country!

    It sells cheap and has a warranty second only to God's.

    Why am I driving these cars?

    The new Maz6 has some issues, for our anatomies at any rate. We're both finding our hips more sore. The floor pan is deep and the step-over is thick and tall and it's a bit of a pain, especially for my wife, especially on egress.
    Going over to the Soul forums, one constant comment is anatomical friendliness: getting in, getting out, sitting. One other item I notice again, is the sightline is far better being up higher. I almost swiped a stanchion in the Maz because of the low viewing window. There's also a bulky blind spot where the A pillar and right side RVM come together.
    If you happen to be interested in picking up a lease, PM me. A dark blue Mazda6 Touring would look GREAT with you, yes you, driving it!
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    2017 Soul &, Titanium

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