I know there have been many many posts about what I am about to write, but I wanted to give my 2 cents.

AHHHHH! I got to test drive a new Camaro 2SS RS yesterday! The weather was BEAUTIFUL in Minnesota.

I have been trying to hold off from driving this vehicle as it will give me that itch, needless to say it did...

I had a friend with and unfortunatley the salesman.

I've sat in a few, but never driven one. The clutch was a bit heavy (but was expected.)

My friend has a 3 series 04 BMW in which I've driven a bit and do like. Especially the gearbox. The Camaro gearbox blew the BMW gearbox out of the water. How CRISP it was. Very short, very fast. Like nothing I've driven. I was even having trouble shifting it, because it was so nice!

The trunk mouth is small, I already knew this. The trunk has decent space though. Makes it more practical.

The HUD was beautiful. I've driven a few vehicles with it, and have fallen in love with it again.

The Car handled well, had tremendous power in all gears. I didn't get to drop the hammer all the way, but I just drove it as I would normally drive a vehicle.

The ride quality was higher than I expected for a muscle car. Rode like a dream (especially compared to my 04 Silverado.) I also compared the ride to the 04 BMW. The Camaro absorbed more. The interior was SUPER quite. I could hear the exhaust barley (I'd want to hear it more.) But It's there when you get into it.

The 3 spoke steering wheel is magnificent as well! I love the feel, size, and handling of it.

The gauges came to life, the RS package put the 4 cluster at my fingers. I appreciate that blast from the past.

The car felt like a cockpit. Not too small, but very form fitting. I felt like I was part of the car, I wasn't going to go anywhere.

The C pillar blindspot was bad, but the mirrors mostly make up for it.

I think about the only thing that I didn't like about the vehicle was the small field of view that is the windshield.

The Brembos held their own. The car stopped REALLY fast.

Even my friend who is an import lover, like this car. She said it was very well put together, was comfortable, and looked great. (which does actually mean something!)

Honestly I'd be looking more for a 1 SS RS camaro. Due to the price.

I've done my homework with this car, and have just been waiting for the time to be right to drive one.

I feel that when this car becomes obtainable for me possibly 5-7 years down the road. I may pull the trigger.

Before I got into the car, the salesman pulled me aside and said: "I'm guessing you've done your homework on this car.. so I'll skip the speech. Just please don't drive too heavy." I had no problem with this, as I wanted to just get a feel for the car. Someday I'll be able to drive it like it's meant to be driven... like a bat out of hell!

GM, thanks for bringing the excitement to my fingertips/feet.

Side note: I got to sit in a Cruze as well. Highly impressed with the car overall. Especially the interior quality. I couldn't find anything that moved!