Corvette crossover/shooting brake (by Toyota)

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Thread: Corvette crossover/shooting brake (by Toyota)

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    Corvette crossover/shooting brake (by Toyota)

    Toyota Vira concept

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    Re: Corvette crossover/shooting brake (by Toyota)

    As much as it pains me to say this, it looks kind of cool. Though take the nice, deep, rims off and replace them with regular, smaller wheels and it quickly looses its looks, and the greenhouse looks non-production. See, I was able to say something of Toyota's is cool and take it all away from them! My world is now whole.

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    Re: Corvette crossover/shooting brake (by Toyota)

    I like it and that color of blue.
    "I do not care about inequality because I'm not envious. I care about poverty."

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    Re: Corvette crossover/shooting brake (by Toyota)

    Isn't that a Volvo?
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    Re: Corvette crossover/shooting brake (by Toyota)

    I do think there is a need for a Camaro SUV. Question is whether its better as a Cadillac or a Chevy

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    Re: Corvette crossover/shooting brake (by Toyota)

    Color looks nice, everything else doesn't.


    2019 Cadillac CTS 3.6 Luxury AWD

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    LOL at all the FORD fans in this thread thinking they got a one up. This is the Yukon Denali and trust me it's going to blow away the Navigator. Escalade is gunning for RR/Bentley level of interiors and beyond. I've talked to someone about this on another site that confirmed it Navigator isn't even being bench-marked at Cadillac too low for them.

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    Re: Corvette crossover/shooting brake (by Toyota)

    Quote Originally Posted by dslay04 View Post
    I do think there is a need for a Camaro SUV. Question is whether its better as a Cadillac or a Chevy
    On "Overhaulin" Chip Foose grafted a Camaro front end on a 1982 El Camino. The results were beyond spectacular:

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    Firebird Concept (the turbine one) JBsZ06's Avatar
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    Re: Corvette crossover/shooting brake (by Toyota)

    That's a

    I do believe the auto maker that taps into the high performance four door cuv(that's a two door btw)
    Cuv for the general public it will be the next generations pony car war...

    You ll see high performance desert or snow racers lifted a bit with big tires and powerful engines....

    I really believe that will the evolution of sports cars ....not that cars like corvettes or camaro s willcease to exist but rather this will be the next growth segment...

    The Macan...the f pace and the GLA amg are just the first...

    You ll notice Mercedes GLc amg doing battle with the x6 m series but those are too large in my opinion and that sloping rear roof line isn't needed...

    The Macan is the basic formula....with the exception that it's too high priced for volume...

    Just imagine an alpha based cuv that was similar in size and appearance to the Macan but it would be packing a turbo 4, or a v6 or a LT1 v8 putting out 460 hp...

    That AWD drive sports cuv would rape the Macan and could be sold as a Cadillac and the next generation Chevy SS (as a cuv)

    The sedan markets done....

    The consumers going one size smaller and packing the efficiency of a cuv....and not with that slopping x6 roofline....

    Just offer it with an LT1 and watch consumers go nuts...

    Offer the turbo 4 and a v6 I'd you like...

    I'd probably do a turbo 4 and lt1 as a Cadillac and GMC.

    Then offer a v6 as the Chevy and Buick...

    Give the Buick a leather only interior.

    Give the Chevy a microfiber only interior.

    Give the Cadillac full leather.....

    Give the gmc the microsuede only with the turbo four and v8...

    Chevy at 28 grand
    Buick at 31 grand
    Gmc at 32 or 38
    Cadillac at 34 or 40

    Then male all the options other than AWD which really should be standard...really expensive just like Porsche does...

    That way these AWD CUVs lease well as base vehicles with strong residuals and let the options be the profit centers...

    Just my two cents...which I'm biased because I want one instead of buying a Macan or a jaguar f pace...

    I'll hold out for as long as I can before I cave in and buy the jaguar f pace with the 340 supercharged v6 and AWD for around. 43 ...

    I'd really rather buy a gmc as I described above...

    An LT1 would be cool but I'd take the turbo four if gm can't settle itself for an insane ride...

    Hell...just give gmc a Chevy bolt wit all wheel drive and make the thing look like the Macan for 45 and I'm in..

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