A group of friends and I just returned from Hershey Park in Pennsylvania. While getting ready to go into the park on Saturday, I noticed that Chevy was holding a test driving event, but I don't believe it was the "Mainstreet in Motion" because there were no competitor cars.

There were two Cruze, a Malibu V6, Equinox 2.4, Traverse, Tahoe, Silverado, three Volts, three Camaros and three Corvettes.

The other difference from this event to the "Mainstreet in Motion" was that in order to drive the vehicle, one must be 21 years of age or older...I missed out.

My impressions as a passenger based on the vehicles my friends tested were as followed:

The Malibu V6 seems very nice, powerful and roomy. The car still looks good even as it nears the end of its generation.

I already drove a Terrain 2.4 previously and found it slightly underpowered. My friend drove the Equinox and didn't seem overly impressed, but it does have a good amount of room and the fuel economy is impressive, especially when comparing it to that of my Astra.

My friend, who is looking to purchase either a pickup or a crossover within a year found the Traverse to be a vehicle worthy of consideration. She liked the space and the ability to maneuver the vehicle. The highway fuel economy bests that of her mother's V6 Hyundai Tucson V6 by 1 mpg, but has much more room.

We skipped the Cruze and Tahoe, and gave the Silverado a go. She didn't seem as smitten with this vehicle as she did with the Traverse. The company I work for has a 2011 2500, and I find the vehicle to be well built..if not overkill for what we use it for.

And now for the exciting part. My friend found the Volt to be somewhat lackluster, but part of the blame can be placed on the Tahoe we were following, that took the track at a snail's pace. I thought the Volt was a very quiet and comfortable car, something that I could seriously envision myself owning.

A Camaro convertible was the next vehicle up to bat. This was our maiden voyage in a convertible and even after the short three minute test drive, I found it enjoyable enough that I am now seriously considering one. My friend's only complaint was the thickness of the A-pillars, which I explained was likely due to the lack of a roof. I found the V6 to be more than adequate. We also drove an SS coupe. My thoughts were that the rear seat is impractical, as someone of 5'5 height couldn't sit comfortably without hitting my head on the ceiling. I also thought the V8 is unnecessary, at least for me. My feeling is that the V8 is so powerful that you would never really be able to stretch its legs, at least with the V6 you could get through a couple of gears without exceeding the speed limit too much. Still, to each their own, it wouldn't be a Camaro without the option of a V8.

Lastly, the Corvette. Given that I couldn't drive, the Chevrolet associate drove the car and drove it good. It was my first time in a Corvette and while I didn't feel as head over heals as I did with the Camaro V6, it still felt like an awesome car. The way the long hood sits out over the dash and the way the seats are down low to the ground really makes one feel like they are in a special car. The interior design really isn't that bad in person either.

Overall, I would love to participate in this event again when I reach the appropriate age..in a matter of months. All of the Chevrolet associates were extremely friendly and knowledgeable of the vehicles. It was also nice that they provided and encouraged people to take water as well as their blue metal water bottles and key chains. These are the types of events that really encourage people to look at Chevrolet in a new light.