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If people aren't buying the Impala, the era of the big car is well and truly dead.

I drove one for the first time yesterday, 700 miles. It's my loaner for the week on business. Outside of the incredibly boring silver color, this is as close to perfect as a car can be. It's not the sort of car that I'd buy as I'm single and I just don't need that much room. But this car performs its intended task better than any car I've ever experienced. And mine is probably a lower-level, rental trim.

The back seat is cavernous.
The trunk can swallow crazy amounts of luggage.
The interior is well appointed, with good materials nicely stitched together.
Ergonomics perfect.
Electronics are great (better than Cadillac's CUE)

The Impala is a tremendous highway cruiser. I drove 714 miles in just under eleven hours. At the end of the trip, I wasn't tired at all. It was just a pleasure to drive. And, it logged a stellar 34.8 mpg!

It's a real shame that people just don't want cars like this anymore. 95% of SUV/CUV buyers would be totally satisfied with this car and would find that it has more room than they need.
Nice; I keep entertaining the thought of getting a couple year old, low-mileage rental or off-lease.